{food} Recipe: Vegan Molecake (Maulwurfkuchen)

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and in order to celebrate her special day, we my sister (because I can’t bake to save my life) made a vegan molecake. (Or, in German, Maulwurfkuchen). It was her first attempt at vegan-izing this particular cake, and it worked out really well! It was absolutely delicious. So I decided that […]

{food} Recipe: Vegan Gyuudon (Poor Student Edition)

At the beginning of my veganism journey ( = last year in fall/winter), I attempted making vegan gyuudon, and it turned out well, at least for my standards. Gyuudon ( 牛丼, “beef bowl”) is typical Japanese dish (more on the fast food side), basically consisting of white rice topped with beef and onion that were […]