{travel} {university} 12 Days Left, Whatwhatwhat

Taken during last summer’s day trip to Arashiyama. Just a quick update post〜 My friends from university have all already gone off to the countries where they’ll be spending their four/five/six months abroad and I’m still stuck in Germany working my butt off (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating) and dying of boredom … but not for […]

{travel} {university} T Minus 37 Days: IT’S REALLY HAPPENING … I THINK

[Caution: This post contains lots of bad jokes and blabbling. #nohatepls] I remember how, during my last two, three years at high school, I got hooked on all those youtube channels by “foreigners” (mostly American, British, Canadian guys and girls) living and working in Japan. Every day, I’d watch people like Micaela, Sharla, Rachel and […]