Month: March 2019

The Meaning of “Nature” (Warning: Not Even a Little Conclusive. But I Tried.)

Spring is slowly approaching Tokyo and in some parts of the city the first cherry blossom trees have already started blooming. A few days ago, while on a little morning walk, I actually spotted the first sakura in my neighbourhood, and as I was frantically taking pictures from every possible angle for my instastory (I’m […]

The Paris Agreement in a Nutshell – And Why It’s Probably Not Going to Work

Unless you live somewhere in a hut on top of a mountain on Mars without internet connection (although apparently now there’s wifi on Mars, hah, my fellow Germans will know what I’m referring to), you have probably at least heard the famous (can I say “infamous” or is that too much bias too early on? […]

A Sign of Life (Attempt No. 394872934)

A random photo of a sunset to symbolize new beginnings? (lol) Hola internet, remember me? I cannot count how many times I started writing a post like this … but this time I’m determined to actually finish writing and upload it. But to be honest I wrote that in every single one of the posts I […]