{travel} Things I Did In October: Mount Daimonji

October in Japan was still crazy warm and pretty sunny for most of the time, and on a particularly nice Sunday, a few friends and I decided to pretend like we’re active, health-conscious people by hiking Mount Daimonji. This particular mountain offers a beautiful, but also relatively easily accessible view of the city and its surroundings, seeing how hiking to the top only takes around 45 minutes to an hour. Daimonji is also known for the big kanji (meaning “great” or “big”) that is carved into the ground close to its summit, and that is set on fire every year in August for one of the greatest bonfires in Japan. I was too late to experience the bonfire as I arrived in Kyoto only in September, but hopefully I’ll be able to see it someday in the future.


I met up with some friends in front of Ginkaku-ji, “Temple of the Silver Pavilion,” another one of Kyoto’s many beautiful temples that is located close to the beginning of the hiking trail. The hike started off pretty steep, and after only a few minutes, I was already seriously questioning my life choices and decisions. It got easier after a bit, but still, in case you’re planning to attempt the hike and you’re just as much of a couch potato as me, just be warned and remember that it gets better after a few minutes and don’t give up and always be happy and aksjdakjshdsad.

After about an hour of torture and struggling (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating as usual), we finally reached the top. And man, the view from there was so amazing and beautiful, it was definitely worth all the sweat and tears.


das ist me, half-dead and ugly

Because Daimonji is located pretty centrally, doesn’t take too long to hike up and offers a beautiful view over Kyoto and its surroundings, I can definitely recommend this hike to anyone that has a little bit of time on their hands, is in a somewhat okay physical condition and wants to bond a little with nature. I’m definitely planning to hike to the top again – maybe at night time next time, because I’m sure it would be awesome to see Kyoto all lit up from that high up.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about Daimonji for now. I hope this was somewhat informative. The next post will probably be about Halloween, and then the “Things I Did In October” (GOD, THE NAME, UGH) series-thing-whatever will be over, and then we’ll get right into November. Heh. But anyway, that’s still in the future. For now, thank you, and adios adios, and see you next time.

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