{travel} Things I Did In October: Arashiyama with Ales, Rugby, Baseball And Other Random Snippets

LOL omg, hello, it’s me, the girl that hasn’t written shit in, like, two months. The girl that you all probably forgot about by this point. The girl that you probably thought was dead. But no, it’s all good, I’m still alive, I’ve just been super busy (and lazy, but mostly busy) and haven’t had any time to write anything. But it’s the winter break now (okay, well, technically it’s already over … Doshisha, what are you doing, it was way too short!11!1!!!!) and I’ve finally managed to sit down and open my laptop with no other objective than to catch up on all those blog posts (and maybe to procrastinate a little bit on Facebook, hoho). May the games begin! (What?)

Oh, but first of all, happy new year! Can’t believe it’s 2017 already. 2016 went by way too fast. How was your 2016? Was it a good year, was it a bad year? Whichever applies, I hope that 2017 will be a(n even) better year for you.

I still have a few posts left for my “Things I Did In October”-mini-series-thing (LOL, I still can’t get over that lame name), so let’s get right into it. This post is just going to be a few random moments and snippets and stuff and blabla all mixed together … bear with me, onegaishimasu.

At the beginning of October, specifically the weekend before classes were to start, my good friend from my university in the Netherlands, Ales, came to Kyoto to visit me and another friend of hers. We met up at her hostel on Saturday and, after some nice Udon in the city centre, went on a short train ride to Arashiyama.


Ales had the coolest view ever from her hostel!


Really nice Kitsune Udon! I didn’t drink the broth though because it likely contained dashi (fish stock).

Arashiyama is a district on the outskirts of Kyoto. There’s tons of things to see there, such as for example the Iwatayama Monkey Park (which I will write about later), and tons of delicious food to try, but on that specific Saturday all we did was walk around a little, talk, and visit the famous Bamboo Grove.


Ales, what are you doing?


Wow, look at this really high quality photo of the bamboo grove.

After our short visit to Arashiyama, we went to a really nice izakaya that Ales’ friend had frequented during his university days. I can’t remember the name and I also don’t exactly remember where it is, which is really sad, because I really want to go there again! Well, as soon as I find out, I’ll post it here. At the izakaya, Ales’ friend’s girlfriend joined us and we all went to karaoke together and sang for three hours straight. All in all it was a super fun day, and it was great to see Ales again and get to know some of her friends.

Classes started two days later *insert dramatic music*. While everything was actually pretty easy during the first and second week (well, except that stupid politics lecture taught in Japanese where even now, many months later, I still don’t understand shit), my workload quickly started to pile up and life suddenly got a lot busier. Obviously, everyone stopped going out as much as in September, but my friends and I still found time to do some fun stuff.

On the third weekend in October, a few friends and I went to a rugby game: Doshisha University vs. Kinki University, another university located in the Kansai area, specifically in Osaka. It was my first time seeing a rugby game, and, to be very honest, I didn’t understand the rules at all before seeing this game. One of my friends I went with, however, had played rugby for a year and was therefore able to explain the basics. Overall, it was really fun to watch and I would definitely go see another one. (Also: Doshisha won on that day! Yayayayay!)



Just a week later, I saw my first ever baseball game. I went with a Japanese friend I made during one of my extra classes and a bunch of other exchange students. Even though I have watched parts of baseball games on television on the past, and watched some youtube videos explaining the rules and basics, and even tried watching some anime about baseball, I still don’t understand the rules of baseball. At all. My friend was very nice and tried explaining everything to me … but I still don’t get it. Nonetheless, the game was still very nice to watch. It was Doshisha University vs. Ritsumeikan University, another university located in Kyoto. The Doshisha cheerleading team was there as well and it was a lot of fun to cheer together with them for the players. Our university won in the end, so DOUBLE YAYAYAY!


Panorama fail, but I tried

I’m going to end this post here. Excuse the randomness. We have almost reached the end of October at this point – I told you, it was a much quieter month than September. The next post will probably be about the Jidai Matsuri, one of Kyoto’s three biggest festivals, so hopefully that will be a little more interesting. Soooooo … see you in the next post, hopefully! Adios for now! And thank you for still reading this blog, even though I’ve neglected it for so many months now. One of my resolutions for the new year is to write more posts and invest more time into this little interwebs space … so hopefully I’ll stick to that. We shall see. Okay. Bye, forreals.

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