{travel} Things I Did In October: Candle Night In Kitayama

Hello, hello, how is everyone? It’s time for part two of “Things I Did In October” (still can’t believe how uncreative and stupid the name is, if you can come up with something better, please tell me kudasai).

Today I just wanted to share some bad quality snapshots of and talk a little about the Candle Night at the Kitayama Monolith, an event that I went to with some friends on … September 30th hashtag-still-not-october.


This is not going to be a long post, and it’s also probably not going to be super-exciting or super-touristy or whatever, but I thought I should share it with the interwebs anyway. So here we go.

As I already mentioned, on the last day of September, a few friends and I decided to go all the way to Kitayama, to a place called the Kitayama Monolith (北山モノリス), a 40-minute walk away from my dormitory. We had seen an advert on the subway about the Candle Night taking place there and, since the event was free and everything, decided to go check it out.

When we got to the location at 6pm, we quickly found out that the event was actually a bridal fair. Awkward. But since it was free, we decided to go in anyway.

The Kitayama Monolith turned out to be a beautiful, very modern wedding hall. For the event, everything had been decorated nicely and there were tons of candles lit up everywhere. We actually felt massively underdressed in our jeans and t-shirts while all the employees were wearing fancy suits. There was a big candle holder near the entrance, and each person could write their wish on a small glass jar with a tea light candle inside and put it into that holder. Instead of writing down a wish, we all each just wrote our names and nationality on one single candle. *too rebellious to handle*

img_3607 img_3609

On the right side of the ground floor of the wedding hall, there was a really pretty chapel, which was entirely filled with candles. So magical.


There was also a little outside area/garden, which had also been beautifully decorated with candles and lights in many different colours. We weren’t allowed to see the entire garden, but it was still very nice.

dsc_0848 dsc_0857

The wedding hall had a second floor, with a bar and many sofas and armchairs and normal chairs and whatever to sit on. There were some alcoholic drinks (beer, white wine, red wine, champagne), and they were only 500 yen each and seemed to be of really nice quality, so we each got one. I got myself a fancy white wine, and it was totally worth the monies.


We had also gotten a coupon for a free cupcake at the entrance, but since I couldn’t have mine, I just gave my coupon away to a friend. The cupcakes looked really cool though – they didn’t look like your regular, generic cupcake, but instead were more like a cupcake in a jar kind of thingy. Also, there was a bunch of different topping sauces to choose from, like a fig sauce or a white sangria sauce.

We only stayed at the event for about two hours, but it was still a really nice, almost magical experience. Sorry for the shortness, boringness and badqualityness(?) of this post. The next one will hopefully be a little more interesting. Thank you for reading, and until next time. Adiosu.

One thought on “{travel} Things I Did In October: Candle Night In Kitayama

  1. Yay Simone’s update <3

    Getting ready for your future wedding uh? 😉

    Damn it looks like a cool event, very artsy with the candles. Kyoto seems to have exciting events going up, especially with the light up that are coming on the way! (I think last year I saw the light-up at Nijo castle? Anyway, おすすめだよ if you didn't go already! With the momiji it must be really pretty *-*)

    Thank you for your next posts, it was really nice to read, looking forward the next!

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