{food} Düsseldorf Gourmet Festival 2016 – Food, food, and more FOOD


From Friday until today (Sunday), the annual Gourmet Festival took place again in Düsseldorf – a food festival where you can find all sorts of both savory and sweet foods from many different parts of the world, lots of interesting, creative alcoholic beverages and cocktails, and many other things! I went on two days this year – together with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend on Saturday, and then a second time with just my mom today (Sunday). It was my third time this year, and I think I ate more than during the past two times combined. Oops.

But how could I not when there was so much delicious vegan food that I could eat! I know that probably not a whole lot of people are going to care about this post, but seriously, I love food way too much, and being able to try out so many things just made me so excited that I wanted to blog about it. So yeah, don’t hate me plz bbz heh !!!11!1!!11! (uhm what).

Saturday was so hot, I don’t even know how I managed to eat anything. Like, you know when it’s just so warm and humid outside that you get too lazy and don’t feel like eating? … just kidding, I can always eat. But anyway, my first meal at the festival waaaas … ice cream! Emirates had this photo contest going on where you could win two plane tickets to Asia, Australia, Africa or South America, and they also had an ice cream cart where you could get a free scoop. There were two vegan sorbets – ginger or red beet and raspberry. I went for the latter, and it was really delicious. The only thing that maybe bothered me just a tiny little bit was that there were still a few larger bits of red beet inside … wasn’t really a fan of that. But it was still very good!

Next it was time for some actual lunch! I shared this with my sister:


See muh toenailzzzz?

Vegan tacos, baby! Soy meat, lettuce, red onion and a coconut-mango sauce. So delicious! The coconut-mango sauce was the bomb!! I need to try making it at home, I think it could probably go well with and taste good on everything.

Later I had this:


Cashew cheese(!! best thing on Earth), cashew tomato creme, red and white cabbage, lettuce, some cabbage-y/lettuce-y thing I couldn’t really identify (but it was still delicious), herbs, seeds, and soy yogurt and mint dressing. NOMZIES. It was so good! It’s really amazing what kind of things you can make using cashews. #cashews5ever #imnotfunny

Saturday ended with a non-alcoholic strawberry bowle. It was shit though to be honest, definitely not worth the money. But oh well, such is life.

On to today (Sunday)! The first thing I had was a cold brew coffee! It was the first time I tried a cold brew, and I really liked it. It tasted very similar to regular iced coffee, but I think it was a bit … lighter in a way? If you know what I mean. Anyway, as mi madre said, apparently it’s healthier and easier on the stomach – so yeah, it was cool to finally try some. (Get it, hah? Gosh, this post is full of bad jokes)

And then I had this:


Cambodian summer rolls: rice noodles, lettuce, carrots, cucumber, mint and coriander, all wrapped in rice paper. And some random sauce that I couldn’t identify on the side. Really delicious (and healthy).

Next I had an iced matcha latte with soy milk. It wasn’t too sweet and a little bitter from the matcha, just how I like it.

Lunch number two was a veggie sushi set – cucumber, yellow pickled raddish and shiitake (I think?). It was good, but not the best veggie sushi I had. Some stores in Düsseldorf sell way better sushi. But yeah, it was okay. Maybe I just wasn’t in the sushi mood.

Then my mom and I shared a very fancy-looking cocktail – I forgot what exactly it was, but it was pretty and kind of delicious, so who cares, heh.


The last stop before we went home was a stall where they sold vegan-ized turkish food. We got a vegan döner for my sister (I tried a piece of the “meat” and it was really, really good, tasted almost exactly like the real döner meat. I think it was seitan, but I’m not a hundred percent sure), a turkish pizza for myself to eat later and two flavours of vegan baklava – coconut and pistachio. Nomzies.

And that pretty much sums up everything that I ate at the Gourmet Festival this weekend. Man, I gained so much weight this summer because I ate so much and exercised so little. Tomorrow I’ll start to eat more cleanly, I swear. Okay, I’ve been saying this for the past two months or something, but I’m serious this time, really! But I guess, in the end, a thing like the Gourmet Festival is a rare occasion, so it’s 0kay to splurge a little bit … right? RIGHT?!?! Anyway, if you have actually read this far, thank you so much and until next time. Adios!


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