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Taken during last summer’s day trip to Arashiyama.

Just a quick update post〜

My friends from university have all already gone off to the countries where they’ll be spending their four/five/six months abroad and I’m still stuck in Germany working my butt off (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating) and dying of boredom … but not for much longer! Because in twelve days I’ll be off to a faraway place myself! I still can’t believe it! Kyoto, Simone is coming for ya!

The most important things, like getting a visa and exchanging some euros into yen (and buying warm winter shoes because I have huge German gaijin feet and therefore won’t be able to find any shoes that fit me in Japan, sigh), are already taken care off. Now I just need to figure out how to get the National Health Insurance (which is mandatory apparently for everyone planning to stay in Japan for an extended period of time) and start packing (and somehow magically keep my suitcase lighter than twenty kilos … no idea how I’m gonna manage that) … and yeah, things like that.

And I also still need to study Japanese because, as I think I wrote before somewhere on this blog, I’ll be attempting the JLPT N2 for a second time this December, and I really really don’t want to fail again this time. I really hope that being in Japan surrounded by Japanese everyday will help my studying. I also need to study as much as I can in order to do well on the placement test, which is taking place sometime in the middle/near the end of September. If I manage to make it into an intermediate level Japanese class, Doshisha University will apparently also let me take other courses in Japanese. So yeah, I’m really hoping for that … even though the placement test is supposedly quite difficult. We shall see.

But yeah, that’s all I really wanted to write for now – just a quick and dirty update. Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day and until next time ♥


Bonus photo: Gonna miss this little creature though … why is she so cute?!

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