{daily life} Hey, What’s Up, It’s Been A While


Get the Zayn reference? GET IT?

Hey, hi, hello, hope you have been doing well. Some stuff (well, not really, at least nothing too exciting, but still stuff) has been happening over the past few weeks ever since (temporarily) moving back home, so I thought I should just post a little update on that.

First, WORK: I got a job at a vegan restaurant in Düsseldorf. Well, technically, it’s more like a mini chain of restaurants – there’s three in Düsseldorf and one in another city nearby. I started in the second week of June, so, like, a month ago, and I have since worked at each of the three locations in Düsseldorf. So far, I really like it. True, there’s always a lot to do and it’s always busy and I’m pretty much dead after every shift, but each and every one of the coworkers I have met so far has been wonderful and very kind and I get to eat as much food as I want before/during/after my shifts, so that’s cool.

I also decided two weeks ago that I am going to retake the JLPT N2 later this year in December (after I horribly massively terribly *insert more negative adverbs* failed last year), so I also started studying a lot for that. So that’s also keeping me busy.


And what else? Oh – I finally, finally got my first “real” camera. It’s a Nikon D3300, so it’s pretty basic and definitely not the best DSLR out there, but for a total photography noob like moi it’s perfect. I am still learning how to properly handle it and make full use of all its functions and effects … but yeah, it’s fun.

Aaaaand I think that’s it for now. I’ll try to post a little more from now on. For now, if you’ve read until here, thank you very mucho for reading, and until next time. Good night ☆


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