{travel} (and a healthy dose of random rambles) – On “Fernweh”

Fernweh beschreibt die menschliche Sehnsucht, vertraute Verhältnisse zu verlassen und sich die weite Welt zu erschließen. Das Wort „Fernweh“ steht im wörtlichen Gegensatz zu Heimweh, der Sehnsucht nach der Heimat (Wikipedia).

Fernweh refers to the human yearning of leaving one’s familiar surroundings and embarking into the wide world. The word “Fernweh” is the opposite of “homesickness”, which is the longing for one’s home.

Excuse my not-100%-accurate translation, heh. But anyway, I think that Fernweh is a beautiful word that the English language unfortunately doesn’t have. And it perfectly describes my current state of mind. Continue reading

{food} Recipe: Vegan Gyuudon (Poor Student Edition)


At the beginning of my veganism journey ( = last year in fall/winter), I attempted making vegan gyuudon, and it turned out well, at least for my standards. Gyuudon ( 牛丼, “beef bowl”) is typical Japanese dish (more on the fast food side), basically consisting of white rice topped with beef and onion that were cooked in a sauce mixture of soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, mirin (rice wine) and dashi (fish stock). Continue reading

{random} Monday Rant: Some Telegraph Article About the “Ghastly Place”

Some day last week while I was getting in my daily dose of Facebook stalking, I stumbled upon this gem *insert excessive eye-rolling and heavy sarcasm here* of an article on a friend’s wall: Who in their right mind would want to visit Dubai?, written by Alex Proud.

As the title already indicates, throughout his piece, Mr. Proud’s big, overarching question concerns why people from all over the world still decide to visit Dubai, “this ghastly place”? According to him, “[i]t’s a hideous, brutal, oil-rich theocracy that exports terrorism.” Continue reading